POS Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies for Point-of-Sale Systems

Keep your Point-of-Sale Investment Working at Peak Efficiency, Keep It CLEAN!

Your Point-of-Sale System has many component parts and is exposed to air borne dust, dirty hands, grease and dirt. The efficenty of your equipment will suffer if not kept properly clean.

Textured Cleaning Surfaces. Our Magnetic Strip Cleaning Cards and Printer Cleaning Cards utilize Waffle technology® (Patented in US and Canada) which dramatically outperform normal flat cleaning cards. By imprinting the cards with raised texture surface areas are more completely cleaned. In printers the rollers are turned by the textured surface for a more through and complete cleaning. Even experts who were once skeptical of the benefits of using cleaning cards have been converted into believers. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Most importantly, the benefits can be easily recognized by performing your own simple test.

Non Alcoholic Cleaning Solution. Our cleaning products are non isopropylalcohol free. Why is this important? While it has long been thought that the solvent properties of isopropyl alcohol provided a superior cleaning solution, we now know the same reasons isopropyl alcohol is not a good choice for your skin is the same for many pieces of point-of-sale equipment. It dries the delicate rubber and plastic parts that are essential for movement of the equipment. This causes cracking and detoriation that will shorten the life of the equipment.

Prevent Credit Card Processing Errors. One of the most significant factors leading to credit card transaction errors is incorrect reading of the magnetic strip. One of the easiest ways to prevent those credit card errors is a regualr cleaning regime.

Along with equipment manufactures reccomendations our actual in-field experience of over 10 years indicates that regular cleaning will solve many apparent system malfunctions and equipment failures. Our 3 year warranties are conditioned on regular maintenance and while we do not require use of any cleaning products warranty work may be refused for equipment that has been abused, something regular cleaning will prevent.

POS System Cleaning Kit

Everything you need to clean all the major components of your POS system, in one convenient pack. Designed to be used in a weekly regime this kit contains enough materials for 3 months including:

  • MSR Cleaning Cards (12 cards)
  • Thermal Printer Textured Cleaning Cards, 3 inch, (12 cards)
  • Screen Wipes ( 12, 2 part packets)
  • Keyboard Cleaning Swabs (12 swabs)