Configuration, Install & Train

We know a lot about Point-of-Sale Systems. We have been doing this for over 10 years now and have developed an expertise in the configuration of software, installation of hardware and training in the use of point-of-sale systems.

To get the most out of your POS system you need training from someone that does not just know how a particular software works but someone that knows the
reality for retail, salon and hospitality environments.

Let our experience bring you new insights into business management topics like inventory control, employee management, cash control, security, cost control and sales tactics.

We firmly believe that a point-of-sale system is not complete without proper configuration, good installation and adequate training.

Let us build your inventory database or menu for you, set up credit card processing, and show you how the use the tools provided by the POS system to make your business more successful!

Configuration, all of our POS systems include basic configuration, saving you the hassle of installing computer software and hardware drivers. We test all of the componet parts of your POS system to insure everything works properly, Additional or special equipment configuration is available at $95.00 per hour

On – Site Installation, includes set up of the computer network, including internet access through DSL or cable, running cable, set up of all hardware, including under counter mounting of cash drawer, installation of software, with required drivers, and finally testing of the componet parts to insure everything works properly, We offer a package of On-site installation and training for $798.00 and installation is also available at the hourly rate of $95.00.

Training, we offer both on-line and in-person training so that you can get the most out of your point-of-sale system. Our standard on-line training is two 45 minute to one hour sessions which cover basic maintenance of the POS system, daily procedures, transactions and end-of-day procedures. Session 2 covers advanced features of the software and hardware trouble shooting procedures. In person training covers the same materials but can also include other consulting on retail, salon and hospitality management. Standard On-line training is $198.00 and In-person training is $95.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.